WildCrash is Coming Soon!!!

Let the Crash begin!

What is WildCrash?

Long time ago in a far far away flat planet called P.E.T.- 0 the Pet0s, inhabitants of the planet, play their famous game called ‘WildCrash’: it is simply the most amazing bumper cars challenge ever. The winner will get eternal glory, become rich and will be honored among the best drivers ever! Everyone on Wuca want to join the game…….and you?!’

‘Wildcrash’ is the craziest bumper cars game ever! The heros are cute animals drivers of dune-buggy style cars! Build your own race team, with custom cars and unique puppy drivers. Survive into the arena and the races, crashing agaisnt the cars of the other teams. The more you crash the opponents, the more chance to win!

P2E! You can earn $CRASH tokens playing the games, the tournaments, the races, the challenges, buyng/selling unique NFTs in the market,  and much more!

Join and have fun!

For questions, offers and other contact us contact@wildcrash.net

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